#RealAmericaChat: Stargazing & Night Skies

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Welcome to August’s recap of the B2B #RealAmericaChat on Twitter, where travel industry partners from across the region share their insider knowledge about this world-class destination!

Scroll through to learn more about the Stargazing & Night Skies in the West and how you can experience it like a local while in the Real America region.



Q1: The West is one of the best places to view the star-filled skies. Share photos of what visitors can see. 


Q2: Are there events that take place that incorporate stargazing and skies?


Q3: Our region is known for its wide-open spaces and endless views. Where in your state offers night-sky programs?


Q4: What can visitors expect to learn at night-sky programs here?


Q5: What are some of the best ways to incorporate night skies into tour operator itineraries?


Q6: Anything else you’d like to know about stargazing in the West?

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