#RealAmericaChat: American History & Where to Experience It

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Welcome to July’s recap of the B2B #RealAmericaChat on Twitter, where travel industry partners from across the region share their insider knowledge about this world-class destination!

Scroll through to learn more about the History of the West and how you can experience it like a local while in the Real America region.

Welcome & Introductions

Q1: The #RealAmericaUSA is home to some of the nation’s most diverse history. What historical highlights are in your state?


Q2: Our region is home to a rich American Indian history. Where can visitors meet your state’s First Nations?

Q3: The West history is full of cowboy, outlaws, and early settlers. Where can visitors uncover this part of history?

Q4: What are your best historical trails and sites? 

Q5: Do you have itineraries that showcase American history or trail tours?

Q6: Are there any areas or historical highlights in #RealAmericaUSA


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