#RealAmericaChat: Iconic Events & Festivals

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Welcome to this month’s recap of the Real America’s B2B #RealAmericaChat on Twitter, where travel industry partners from across the region share their knowledge about this world-class destination!

June 2017: Iconic Events & Festivals

This month we chatted about some of the most iconic and well-known events and festivals that take place throughout the year in the region. From must-experience signature events, to lesser-known gems, there’s an event for the entire family…and itineraries to go with along with them!

Take a look into what experts had to share about just a few of the exciting things going on in the Real America:

Welcome & Introduction

 Q1: What are your state’s most iconic events?

 Q2: What are the best events for international travelers to attend in #RealAmericaUSA?

 Q3: Does your area or state have a signature event that can only be experienced there?

 Q4: Share some of your lesser-known events and why visitors should check them out. 

 Q5: Do you have itineraries that couple annual events and road trip itineraries?

 Q6: Are there any events you’d like to learn more about?


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